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“There is no such thing as natural beauty” -Truvy- “Steel Magnolias”


In this space, we will learn all the secrets about being a woman that young girls all over the world are learning and sharing.  These nibbles of knowledge are learned and passed down from friends, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, teachers, media, and movies.  Ladies in training are practicing their pouts to find the perfect red lip, perfecting their blowouts for sleek locks and trying each others clothes for the perfect fit.  Together, we will unlock the mysteries of sisterhood. 

How will it begin?

The first step is to find, experiment and discover your personal style.  We will look at different outfits, colors, fits, styles and beauty icons to help you find your look.  With questions and probing, we will tease out your needs, wants, and desires.


We will start with a questionnaire and determining your likes and dislikes, experience and general knowledge of fashion, make-up and general female stuff.  Please be sure to be honest, speak up and remember that nothing is meant to be personal, just straight forward.   

The Outline for me and you

The New U activities are divided into sections that will cover personal style, how to measure your body, how to build a wardrobe, accessories, makeup, hair, body basics, female mannerisms, how to walk like a lady, and a directory on where to make all this magic happen. 

There will be some personal “homework” to see how the application of knowledge is being applied in your own closet and life.  In other words, pictures, pictures, pictures. There will be an invitation only Facebook page. The use of social media is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to build a support system and get feedback.  If you need your information to be private, please let me know and we will make arrangements for your information to be received and viewed privately. I have no desire to “out” or embarrass anyone. 

Details about me

In my early 30’s, I had a friend named Alex. She used to be Alexander, and then she slowly evolved into her true self, Alexandria.  She was tall, thin, with dark skin and black hair. In those days, Alex would explain that she was a “pre-op transsexual” Then she would launch into her best Dr. Frank-n-Furter strut and dance.  Alex slowly disappeared out of my life, like friends often do, but she left a lasting imprint of my perception of transgender. She was strong, beautiful, outspoken, and never apologized for being her real self. 

After being happily married to the man of my dreams for about four years, I was told that my sweetie would be happier being able to move forward in life as her real self.  We have now been married ten years and the man of my dreams has become the best girl of my dreams. We have two wonderful children and live on the westside of Phoenix with our pets and dream of someday having our own farm.  Everyday is a journey, but family and love make it all worth it for us. 

Things you will need

You will need to bring your open mind, open heart, sense of self and adventure.

New U/Serving Glamour Mission Statement

Our goal is to continue to foster acceptance for transwoman and further their lives in a positive and successful way through elegant, modest and beautiful fashion.  We believe that all women should be able to express themselves in a way to present their true selves free from judgement and shame.



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