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Chapter One: Part One - Questions, Questions, and Questions?

Updated: Jan 9

These are questions are designed  to help you find your style and help you move into the right direction to be able to express the new and true you.

Please answer the questions the best you can.  Write down whatever pops in your head, even if it seems silly or not important, it matters.


Describing Your Style

1. What colors do you wear most frequently?

2. Which is the color combination you like to wear?

3. What is your favorite body part?

4. What is your least favorite body part? 

5. What is the part you are trying to camouflage?

6.  Is there anything you would never be caught wearing?

7.  What would never leave the house without putting on ?

8.  What are the five items that you can’t live without?

9.  What is the one item in your closet that you wear over and over?

10.  What do you splurge on?

11.  What would you never spend money on?

12.  What is your biggest style challenge?

13.  How much time do you devote to getting ready for work?

14.  How much time do you devote to getting ready to go out?

15. Have you ever been professionally fitted/measured for a bra?

16.  What was the last item that you purchased?

Discovering Your Style

17. What is your favorite color?

18.  Do you dress for yourself or your community?

19.  Why does your favorite painting or photograph appeal to you?

20.  Who is your fashion inspiration?

21.  When you daydream, describe how you see yourself. 


22.  What is the thing that you do to make yourself happy?

23.  Is there anything you have wanted to try, fashion or look, but lacked the nerve?

24.  How do you think people would describe your style?

25.  How would you like people to see you?

26.  How would you like people to remember your style?



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