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Chapter One: Part 2 - Favorites, sizes, and the numbers myth

What is a number?  What is a size? What is the square root of 4,897?  All questions that keep a girl up at night.  

So, I am sure that you have discovered that there is NO universal sizing in womens fashion.  Every brand, every country, even regions have different sizing. Do NOT get hung up on the numbers or letters on a tag.  Those are just a guideline, just like stop signs in parking lots. No scheme, rhyme or reason to sizes. It is up to every designer to make up their own sizing.  You could wear a 4 today and a 12 tomorrow… no worries about it at all.  

Remember, go with what fits.  Not with what will fit, or could fit, but what looks good and feels better.  If it is too tight, too short, or too young and you would not wear it to lunch with your granny, don’t buy it.  It will collect dust and be a waste of money. It will end up being a regret in the back of the closet.  

When you try on clothes, be sure to use a full-length mirror and try to look at all angles.  Remember that things will shrink, bag or sag without proper care, so if laundry is not your thing, you may want to go up a size.  Also, things do wrinkle. And If you hate to iron, or don’t have a dry cleaning budget, you may want to reconsider the fabric. Be sure to read the care labels.   There is nothing worse than buying a lovely addition to your wardrobe and having it shredded in the wash.  

Spend a few minutes in the new clothes as you try them on, imagine yourself in the place where you will wear it… Can you sit down, dance, stand up?  Does it ride up or down as you walk? Is it comfortable? Can you raise your arms, are the sleeves long enough, how are the shoulders? Be honest with yourself.  Do NOT buy something neon lime green with kittens on it just because it is on sale. It maybe a $5.00 bargain now, but it will cost you $10 in gas to drive it to the Goodwill. 

Remember to trust your instincts, if it is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, it will bite you on the bottom and make you feel like a million dollars, no matter the price.



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